Thursday, April 3, 2008

Digital Scent Technology

So apparently this development isn't ALL that new but, I only found out about digital scent technology recently. Basically the idea is to bring people into a new "reality" by a heightening ones media experience through their senses.

The whole concept is fundamentally meant to enhance ones experience while watching TV, listening to music, gaming or browsing the Internet. It can be used to enhance a character, put one in a different atmosphere, establish season, place, emotion etc.

Why I think it's a good idea is besides the fact that it would be really cool to experience something like this but also the possibility for promotion of products is huge. I mean say I'm sitting in my living room watching TV and a McDonald's commercial comes on...not only do I visually crave that picture of a large fry but imagine if I could smell it! Have you ever driven by a McDonald's and been able to smell the food from your car, I know I've pulled through the drive-thru more than once because of it.

Its a really cool idea I think, I mean it might be kinda weird at first and there would obviously have to be restrictions to what smells were allowed and which aren't, but it's definitely a system I'd like to try for myself.

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