Friday, April 4, 2008

Barely Political

I was doing some research when I came across a you tube video called "political sex scandals". At first I figured it was probably pretty stupid but I realized that there were several videos being posted by this user group called barelypolitical. I'm unsure of its popularity and publicity but I basically came to see it was a site that mocks political issues through fake news.

Previous to this class I never really paid attention to fake news and such, I didn't even really understand it at first. What I like about this user group is they take relative stories from the election and create music videos that are hilarious and also provide some information, of course its not always true.

A lot of these videos are pretty intense though, they definitely push the limits of what could be shown on television. I mean a music video about political sex's a bold statement. I noticed a lot of the videos happen to be in favour of Obama and very opposing to Hilary Clinton, now whether or not there is reason behind it I'm not really sure.

One video I thought was great was of this kid, he can't be any older then 11 and he's singing to the tune of a popular song that's out right now called "Hey there Delilah" but the titles been changed to "Hey there Obama". Its definitely worth listening to, not only for it's comedy but its actually a pretty clever song.

I may be totally out of the loop and this site may be really popular already. I think it's for sure a very interesting idea and it should definitely be getting more coverage than I have seen in the media.


Ben said...

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.
Ben Relles

I. Reilly said...

i've yet to look at the site, so i must also be out of the loop.