Thursday, April 3, 2008

pro-life, pro-choice

It's a difficult topic, but it's one I feel should be touched on in regards to media coverage on abortion. In regards to the pro-life picture this is VERY delicate compared to some of the images I have seen. A few weeks ago there was a group of people supporting pro-life in the University center, I am all about one's own opinion but it was getting rather intense, a situation I really didn't want to be a part of. People were ripping down posters of aborted fetuses and writing "PRO-CHOICE" over them.
These posters are forms of media but I don't feel like they are really fair. I personally am pro-choice, and the reason I feel this way is if they can show pictures of the aborted children and call it murder, where are all the pictures of the messed up children who are addicted to crack or left in orphanages due to abandonment? I personally believe everyone should choose for themselves how they should handle a situation.
If media is going to be involved in issues like this, which it always will be, people need to step up and speak freely but at the same time use some caution. They automatically label those pro-choice as murderers, and those pro-life "god's angels". It's a very sensitive topic, and the way the media handles it, in no way reflects the actual emotional issues people are facing inside.
It's strictly black and white. "Bad" vs "good"

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