Thursday, April 3, 2008

Absolute-ly disrespectful

Now, understandably this is meant to be a joke. I however find all these images disturbing and disrespectful. I know that with things like this you're not really meant to take them to heart, however my sister just recently celebrated being 4 months sober and images like this make me sick. I still don't really understand why people get such pleasure out of others issues/misery. I may be one of only a few who get turned off by these pictures but the fact of the matter is they aren't funny. People DO die everyday from excessive liver damage, people DO get admitted to AA for abusing alcohol.

I think culture jamming for me is effective only if whatever is being mocked doesn't have a direct affect on my life. I tend to take things pretty seriously and I'm not really one to kept quiet when I get upset or feel attacked. As offended as I am by these pictures, they really did make me think, and I'm sure many people would see them and be affected by there message.
I just don't know if this is "good culture jamming" or just spoofing an ad. It almost confuses me and makes me want to change opinions every 5 minutes. It's frustrating that once I have a really strong opinion on something, it starts to change the more I think and learn about it. I can never keep a straight answer when I'm talking about the media because there are so many angles one can interpret.

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