Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Sexploitation"- selling sex vs sex sells

This video is amazing. It's known that sex sells, but I never really thought of the difference between selling sex vs sex sells. The images used in this piece were not only well chosen but very powerful, it's easy to draw someone in to this video, especially females because a lot of women do want to be seen as sexy, so it speaks to them.

I think what our culture is missing is being sexy doesn't mean you need to be promiscuous. Yes you can go out to bars and dress in skimpy outfits and you'll get attention from guys, but it's not the attention you truly want. It's like one night stands, you wonder if people wake up next to someone they don't know in the morning and even really care what they persons like. All they really think about is that they got lucky. Women shouldn't have to resort to promiscuity just to get men to look at them.

I think the reason sex sells so well is because our bodies/minds are such that when they see picture depicting passion there are sexual thoughts that obviously trigger endorphins. Were programed to react in certain ways when we see these images. It's the same concept as smoking for instance, if your a smoker and you see someone having a cigarette most smokers would light up right away. Or say you have an addiction to gambling, try walking through a casino without being tempted. Our bodies and minds like guilty pleasures, I mean writing about it I can now really understand why women and men are portrayed the way they are in the media. It may not always be done in the best fashion but sex clearly sells, and people are shopping.

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