Thursday, April 3, 2008

Barbie: Friend or Foe?

Blonde, outgoing, skinny, big chest, big blue eyes, Ken......jealous? Don't worry we live in the 21st century! All you need is bleach, cocaine, a severe case of anorexia, implants and contacts. Oh, and a sugar daddy named Kennith to buy you all this. This is who I grew up idolizing? A ditsy plastic tramp, who can only shop and tan. I don't think I know one girl who didn't own one and one guy who didn't want to sleep with her.

I question my mothers parenting skills, because I can still go into my basement and take out the 3 boxes FILLED with Barbie and her accessories. The dream home, the mini-van, all her friends, I have everything. And for some reason I can't bring myself to get rid of it, I hold it pretty close to my heart because Barbie, as much as we hate her, was every little girls best friend.

Barbie was the stencil that started what the media now shows to be perfection and beauty. The spitting image of Barbie today is none other than the heir to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton. She is all over the news, in magazines, on websites, and I'm sure she will eventually have an actual replica of herself made into a doll soon enough. Our perception of the "ideal" woman is unbelievable, I would never let my child bring home a doll that says "Let's grab our credit cards and hit the mall!" I mean yes there was "teacher barbie" and "Doctor barbie" but am I the only one who noticed how short those skirts were? This basically means, if she really is "Dr. Barbie", even after graduating med school, when she bends down to pick up her prescription pad were still going to be seeing a little more than just a waiting room!

But in all honesty, is this really the role model we want our future kids to look up to? Things aren't getting any better if you have seen the dolls being sold lately? They're hip, they're cool! And they are called "Bratz", great my future children are going to idolize something called Bratz? Why can't they come out with "Study galz" dolls or "Respectful Teenz" you can sell anything to kids if marketed right. I mean I looked up to Barbie and I turned out OK... well... maybe I just wont have kids. :)

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I. Reilly said...

any thoughts on the barbie liberation organization (BLO)?